Opening to spirit and trusting in the light that you be


M – I had an experience that created a complete opening with spirit.  I was so very excited and then life kind of took over and I closed up again.  How can I open that channel again?

My dearest one, you sort of kept your spiritual life a secret and you aren’t quite willing to let the whole see the complete of who you be.  So, in the desperate need to be seen and be seen as acceptable as other people’s norms, you put the lid back on.  But you can take it off, but you must be willing to speak from your heart.  You must be willing to step out there and some will judge and some will say you have lost your mind, when in fact, you found it.   It is not an easy task to be who you need to be.

Ones such as yourself have tried so hard to fit in. You often have felt different.  But when you received the information you felt glorious, and compassionate and filled with the holy spirit of love.  And that is what you love and that you can maintain.

But you will have to let go of holding the other persona, for it is too exhausting. So, it is a choice.  You can warn them, prepare them for that that you are going to be.  Prepare yourself for their, well, it doesn’t matter what they say. It matters what you say. Bless you my child.

I think this is the case for many people with a spiritual awareness that we don’t feel comfortable allowing this in all aspects of our life.  We hide it for fear of not fitting in, or being ridiculed, or for not being understood.

Oh, forgive yourself for being childish.  How wonderful to be that naive wonder believing all that is possible.  So, when you see someone that is perhaps uncomfortable, sweating or wiggling with your words, touch them.  Touch them gently with your heart, if not your hand. Reassure them that you are not some boogey man; that you are a pure light just as they are and it is only their own fear they are struggling with and you have adopted hiding from that. A child doesn’t hide the fact that they see and hear and feel.

Not that I am telling you to throw temper tantrums in the middle of the living room.  It is alright to feel. It is alright to feel that I don’t know where this is coming from and I don’t know what it is.  Trust. Trust in the light that you be.

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