Opening the gate to awareness

Pixie Dust writes:

Can you please tell me where the blocks are with creating more money for financial ease? I have applied myself with school and a strong work ethic for many years. What do I need to change or look at? With deep thanks.


The guide’s response:

I know it might seem unkind of me to say to you:  Be patient, blessed one.  For yes, you have done many wondrous things and put many things in order. But there is a need, before you begin, for you to understand all that you have done.  And not just in getting certificates, and not just in appeasing the rules of society, and not just in checking off all the boxes.  But what about you?  No, you have done nothing to make you happy.  You don’t even know what happy is right now.  Yes, achievements, many.  Everything in place, well-laid plans fulfilled.  But ask yourself:  Why did I make the plans?  For whom did I take this?  And what gate do I need to open to see where I will be happy?

There is a reason things have stalled at this time.  You are going to take a different route.  Don’t be afraid.  You are going to be offered something quite different. See it as something temporary, but an experience to understand who you be.  It will be a good thing to do.  It will awaken that that you be.


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  1. Shambala December 6, 2011 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Can you please speak about Tibet. For decades the Dalai Lama, monks and the Tibetan people have prayed, chanted and meditated for the freedom of their people and freedom of their country. How are these prayers manifesting in the physical world and how do the guides of light assist in this? Deep thanks.

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