Open your heart to loving your world


A guide speaks to those feeling overwhelmed by negative information

May I ask, with all the negativity that we keep hearing about, like child slaves and wars and the loss of the honeybees and disasters, is there any way that we can keep it in balance so that we can move forward in light, without being overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness?

My dear, communication has never been greater—and never been less. Your new souls that are present only hear, when they are uncomfortable, when they see that children are being tortured, when they see that bodies are bleeding. These occurrences have always been. But you don’t need to see these to know them. You are evolved.

There must be this information to bring that to awareness. Unfortunately many of your communication sources love the negative. They build upon it, for there are purposes in it, both good and bad. And it also makes money.

When you hear negative information, have your spirit open your heart to it and flow the energy to whatever you perceive that situation to be—and fill it with light. You have the ability to move mountains on the other side of this sphere—and yet you doubt it. You can affect governments, belief systems, yes even tides. You think the moon has energy? It’s nothing on yours. The human condition has never been tapped fully and completely. Never doubt that.

And when you feel weary of it, take a deep breath and open your heart to loving your world.  It will help. Believe me.

Our energy can move mountains?

Yes, my dear. And wear them down. Great groups of negative energy have had great effects because they create an element of chance. Positive or negative, the choice is yours.



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  1. P May 31, 2015 at 3:13 am - Reply

    Dearest Guides… I have been working on healing my body and my heart. The one remaining concern is my lethargic, always tired state. It takes me forever to wake up and on the weekends, I find I have nothing left in me. I would love to be active and exercise again. My iron levels are at 6, which is emptying my stores. I am clearly not absorbing iron. How can I heal this? Also, I find I need to make more mind-like friends and I don’t know where to go and what to do to connect with these kindred spirit souls. My deepest gratitude for all your answers. Love, always :0)

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