On reincarnation


Can you speak on reincarnation, why we come back here through many lives?

The continuum…yes.  It need not be one focus for all beings for you need not have the belief to live a beautiful spiritual life.  It is the understanding that you have many opportunities for growth.  This is why we give to you the symbol of the circle within the circle.  For there is no beginning and no end, but a oneness that is attained.

You will come many times to this physical domain, this place of learning and teaching.  That the physical domain will give to you the gifts of the physical body through which you learn different understandings of love, the different faces of love, the different concepts of being.

From the very beginning a new spark of life — which I just said to you didn’t have beginnings because it is oneness from which it comes and to which it returns –- the greater circle.  But as if the rain drops separate from the oneness, it is thus that you are in the physical world.  Each time coming, to experience, with other beings perhaps, creating bonds, creating elements of work and growth.

Your body is a tool with which to learn, to grow.  The physical domain created for your growth—holds the concepts of male or female and all those steps that we touch, sight and hearing, with which to see and identify other beings, but mostly your place in all this, a concept that is usually left until many, many lifetimes down the circle.  You experience the male and female, you experience mothering and fathering, being a sister, a brother, a friend, a lover.  You experience the loss and the love, the gaining and the losing.  You experience great terror and great joy.  Do you think perhaps you have learned all this in one lifetime?  Oh, that is not possible, for each condition has two sides to it: a good and a bad, and both are good for they create growth.  And so you wear your  growing, your learning, each choice presents an element of growth.

It is a beautiful state of being that becomes a part of your vibration or your soul, that is the spark that enters the body through the parents you choose.  Perhaps there is a great deal of time before the conception of your life.  You cannot choose the sex of the body, but you choose the souls from the entities from which you come.  You may choose to come early, thus be out of a synchronicity with many that you know.  You might feel out of step with some – to learn, to grow.  Or you may choose to come in with those who have known many, many times, and be rejoicing and blessed at the reunion, not knowing perhaps, for it is that state of amnesia that takes place in the physical world.  It is necessary to create a fertile ground of growth.  You choose what you will learn, what you will set upon your path each time.  You choose it in what you will call promises or perhaps just elements of learning.

You don’t usually know what they are but that’s that state of amnesia that is truly blessing, do not fight against it.  Those that do have a remembrance and a memory that that they have chosen are often thought of as very old and ancient children.  Never have fun, never need or finding laughter.  It is an elixir of healing in your physical world.  It can make the weariest soul find happiness, and the most exuberant new soul the greatest comedian.

There is much about reincarnation but give it not a label.  Just understand that you are a work in progress—a beautiful work in progress.  Understand that there is always an opportunity for growth, thus there is always hope you will call it.  I will call it love.   Know that you are loved and adored and that there are beings, teachers, both present in the physical and present in the spirit, the energies that surrounds you.

You will have mothers and fathers and guardians and helpers and guides and angels.  At no time you will be alone, though it may be a part of the learning to feel loneliness, to understand that separation.  You remember the feeling of being separated from mother energy to walk that path, to grow.  There is great love and trust that you shall do.  That you shall take up your path, your life, your opportunity, the greatest reverence, this amazing opportunity to be, to drink in this beautiful world, in awe of it for it is yours, created for you by all of you. Know that you are loved.

This  is a beginning to the understanding of reincarnation.  There is an understanding of it through different beliefs that have rules and regulations.  They do not exist.  They are part of those who structured the beliefs to control.  There is no great debt hanging over you, no wrong to right or right to wrong.  There is just learning.  There is just experience. It is a union that will not fade.  It is a bond that is made of love.  I love you.

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  1. H April 5, 2011 at 11:09 am - Reply

    Fantastic subject, thanks for the teaching x

  2. H April 5, 2011 at 11:16 am - Reply

    ….and I forgot to also say, what a warm beautiful message of Love.

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