Obstacles in life and opportunities for growth

Krista writes, “I would like to ask my guides why at times Murphy’s Law can come about to such extremes? I’m beginning a new stage in my life by moving out and starting school in a new state. Everything so far has gone wrong and it’s left me frustrated and questioning my place in this new life. I need to know from my guides how to handle these unfortunate mishaps with better grace and how I can learn not to let these things affect me as much as they do. Thanks for everything.”

Dearest Krista, you believe things have gone wrong but in truth you are growing more magnificent with each hurdle that is presented before you.  You know yourself you very much want to be wise and helpful to others in this world.  These are little reminders of that that lies within you, a depth of knowledge, a knowing, an ability to bring counsel and bring aid and help to others. So they are little reminders, or keys, from that that is already present. You are not going backwards.  See them as they approach and know that you know the way around it.  And you will know it when it comes in the form of others that seek help from you. Your path lies far and wide before you my child, embrace it.  See the wonder of every element of learning, even those that you see as a great obstacle are a great opportunity of growth.

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