Now is the time to teach the purity of love and to be responsible for your actions on your path

I wanted to ask if there is a connection with the ancestors and how we would communicate with them to learn from their wisdom. How do we learn to hear them?

You can always learn from the ancestors. If their genes are in your body it is easier, but if not you need only ask for their help and you will hear them. There is always a great deal to learn from them. But their ways are no longer viable in their life. So now you must just accept their love and that you must carry forth the new way and be with the new teachers of that that is present.

You live in a time when old books and old ways no longer fit or work, as you very well know. Now it is time to write the new way, to teach the new understanding. The purity of love, that no one has the right to control another being, that all must stand and be responsible for their own actions on their own path.

You come from a group of people with physical bodies, cells that you manifested. But your soul, your spirit, comes from many different places. You chose to be amongst these because you have a great reverence for those that are of the land, and the sea, and the air. You’ve done this in many lifetimes in different lands. So what you need to hear is your own wisdom that lies within you. That is why you think perhaps there’s nothing left to hear from them. It is from your inner being, your great spirit.

Write it, sing it, speak it. It’s all right to have the words of now. It doesn’t need to have ancient wisdom. It can have your wisdom. Bless you my child, for you are loved.

Photo by Lechon Kirb, Unsplash

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