Now is the time for love


Anonymous says, “I’ve been told that there is a love yet to be in my life; that this agreement was made before my life on this physical planet with this being. How will we find each other and why am I so impatient? I would like this to be now. What do I need to do to make this happen and if I can’t do anything but wait for the universe to let it happen, what are we looking at as far a time line? I have gained tremendous growth and quite like myself and my present life but would dearly love to share my love with the right being.

This is truth that there is love for you.  But you have limited yourself. You have put expectations on it, the how and when on it, instead of allowing it to be and welcoming it into your life.  Stop worrying and start loving.  With everyone you meet shower them with the radiance of who you be.  Yes, there is definitely a being (in fact, more than one being) that you will love.  As for the timeline, you are asking someone who does not know how to deal with time.  Time is the limitation.  We want you to be limitless.  Draw it to be now.  Now.  Speak to this person that now is the time for love.  Whenever in doubt, now is the time of love.

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