These words are from a wonderful guide who came through at our April 2nd evening with the spirit guides:

I once told one of you that your life’s path is like a wonderful cloak you wear.  And in that cloak there are pockets and it holds many different experiences.

You live to walk a path, yes, to  see all of it…. is a most wondrous experience for you.   Nobody’s saying  that you can’t have times when you are miserable.  But what is it that you cannot celebrate?

I used to carry a wonderful old goat bag full of wine.  And that would just be enough sometimes to lift me.  But more important than that, you know what it was I had?  I had an old familiar thing.

Children have teddy bears.  Adults also have these.  But you know what they often turn out to be?  Places where you don’t grow, that you return to.  They’re old and familiar.  At first they seem to be good but then they hold you back.  You need to look at those things, and say:  You were holding me back on my journey.  No.

Nothing should hold you back on your journey.  Not fear, not loss.  They can all fit into a pocket in this wonderful cloak.   They can all be part of you without weighing you down.  Pain does not go away.  Loss does not disappear.  You embrace it and it becomes part of you.  And you become more wonderful than ever.  So you have all within you that understands about being, so you know about losing someone you love.  So you have an experience that someone else along your path may not have had.  But you will be able to take your great cloak and wrap it around them, for a moment.  And they’ll see that you are strong and standing, and they will be able to move forward.

My love to you.