Zarah writes about her challenges in loving herself.  She says, “I can’t seem to grasp the act of doing it very well. I have read you telling many others to love themselves; perhaps you would share some wisdom for me and for them on how to love yourself.”

This one is asking, “Why I am not lovable?”  It amazes me that this beautiful, gentle being, does not in truth feel lovable.  How to love self?  See all of the good deeds you have done.  We have to work at this upside down and backwards because we have to trick this very strong mind into letting go to its want to deflect any love coming.  It comes from an old feeling of abandonment, a feeling of, “If I done something different I would have been lovable.”  There is too much thinking about past ways instead of about who you are now.   You are an amazing being, loving, gentle, helping, listening, laughing, making others feel at ease.  Reflect this back upon yourself.

How to love yourself is a main promise of all beings in the physical world  Do not be angry at the difficulties.  It takes many lifetimes, many paths to figure this one out, but it is not impossible.  It can happen in a second.  In a beautiful, blissful second, where the world stops and you realize: I am love.  That is what I am made of.  That is what makes this heart beat in its beautiful move through this elegant body.  So say that my blessed one, you are love.  I am.  Everyone finds this in their own way.  That is why we say the truths are many.  It is the process that is so different but the ultimate is one.