Teh writes, “Can you guide people through grief and loss?  This year has been incredibly difficult for me and it’s the first time in my life I don’t know where I’m going or what to do.  What do I need to do to get through all of this grief and loss?”

Note: Teh’s question also was asked of two different guides.  Here are the responses, first from the professor and second (in italics) from the female guide.

Firstly, dearest one, I am so happy that you are not doing anything; that you are feeling, that you are allowing the pain, allowing the loss, understanding who you are, finding your strength, looking for your passion.  It isn’t all dead, it is just that you are numb as you have been through quite a bit.  And, it is alright.  We have to bring back the feelings.  Feel them, get angry, cry through all those processes.  It is about the human experience you know.  All of this, the loss, it is true.  Take a deep breath and allow everything to settle out.  There is no quick fix.  There is no hurry in making the choices.  Knowing that you do not know which way to turn is the first step in healing and that is a good thing.  Now then, when all of that clears and you have a little more time and are feeling a little more balanced and can smile upon yourself again, you are going to know that you are drawn very much to help children and others in a different way.  I won’t say more about that, but that is something you are very creative in.  I’m  leaving it there.   I am joyful that you are finding time for yourself now.  You were so busy helping others and doing for others and trying to fix everything, I say blessings upon you my child, you are doing very well.

Feel it.  Don’t be afraid of it.  You live in a time where everybody wants to not feel anything and be numb and move forward quickly and let’s just be happy, happy.  When that is placed upon a deep wound, it’s like a plastic band-aid over a deep wound, what happens underneath is festering and cells dying off.  So, this dear one must feel the loss, feel the pain, experience it and don’t be afraid to allow yourself to wander there and think about it.  In time, you will know this is healed.  It does not go away dearest.  It doesn’t disappear.  There is not a time that you will never think about it.  It is good to bring it forward and feel it and think about it.  Each time you will heal yourself as your vibration actually heightens when you feel things and acknowledge their truth.  You will move forward in to happiness.