Moving to the light–words for one whose partner passed away

Kay says, “Thank you for your reading. I was overwhelmed when I wrote and asked was he angry.
He passed away in May 2009, and I was not coping, and could not feel him near, and life was so very hard, I just wanted some comfort from him, and felt nothing. I feared that he was not only done with this earth, but done with me too.
He laughed at my beliefs, in a good humoured way, and joked that there was no such thing as the hereafter. I am scared he was right, as I still do not feel him around. I long for him.
He waited so long for a transplant, and fought so hard, and in the end he was not himself because of the medications in the ICU. I know that, but his distrust shattered me then and still does now. I just need to know that he understands what happened, and that I had no control, neither did the kids. It was taken out of our hands, until the very end, when they let us just be, him and us to his journeys end. 

Dearest one, you have asked many questions here. You want to know that he is well, that he found his way. You want to know what you believe is true. You want to know that everything was done that could have possibly been done. Know that these questions are part of a great growth. It is still at hand. Nothing is over quickly in your physical world, except growth. It is the accepting and understanding of growth that takes all of the leg work.

This movement to the light was miraculous. He dances joy and he tried to convey it to you but you were so tied up in questions and unanswered things that you did not feel it. But in time he will help you understand that he truly understands what you are saying now and that it is not that different. Dear one, dear one, you have done well. Be at peace.

Does that mean you will stop growing? No. It means that your communion, your bond with that one, continues, but in a different way. There is a time when a being passes in your physical domain and transforms back to spirit. It is a time of learning and growing and understanding all that affects one’s life on themselves and upon others. Sometimes a being is quite unhappy with what they have done and wants to quickly move forward. Sometimes they are in awe of all that has occurred. And sometimes they are so joyous we cannot make them still. But know there is not physical pain. There is not a struggle in the same way, there is great clarity. You have a desire to have the most of information. Be patient blessed one. Be patient, it will come.

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  1. Anonymous February 17, 2010 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    HiI’m hoping for some answers after my husband passed away suddenly last month. He did have a bad heart and kept telling me for the last few years that I would be better off as he wasn’t able to do alot of work around our home. I miss him very much everyday and I don’t feel him here. I need to know if he’s ok that’s the most important question I have right now. I feel so lonely without him and I have all the emotions that go with greiving, but mostly quilt. Thank you,Debbie

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