Moving to another place–or not

Becky has been thinking about selling her house for a few years and she says she’s not sure where she would live if she does sell. She asks, “I am wondering if it is best to stay put, sell my house, live with my boyfriend Todd of 3 yrs, move from the city that I live in or build on my property. This also opens up the question if this is the man to share my life with.”

This being has had many existences where moving of the home was quite frequent. It is a a time when the memory, an open door of all that she has and all that she has done is very clear to her. She now understands more about having a place, a sanctuary, a temple of love and peace. It is not that she is territorial, but it is very important for her that she be in a place that is hers– whether she chooses to be with this man or not. Any home that she be in, she must feel her whole energy in it. In many ways she is very much like a turtle and can create a home wherever she needs to.

She fears being up-rooted, drifting like the sands that have moved beneath her feet in many lifetimes. She need not have this, if she chooses it not. I know in your physical world there is a feeling of instability. It need not be hers. She needs only truth for things to be, but still growing, moving and changing. The ocean represents what a great desert once was for her. Open spaces are important for this being. She needs to breathe deep, without walls. Imprisonment is something she would never be able to tolerate. For herself to seek where she has walked before is not necessary.

Tell her to trust in who she is, a radiant beautiful being that can create whatever she needs. Trust in her own being, her own choices, they be the right ones for her.

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  1. KF January 28, 2009 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    My friend told me she went to an energy healer. This healer told her that she has a tendency to attract something called “dark entities” and that she was clearing my friend of these entities. Is there really such a thing as a “dark entity” and if so what is it and what is it that would attract a “dark entity” to a being. Thank you.

  2. Christine February 21, 2009 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    Thank you in advance Jane and Joanna for your help.My friend, Tim Cummings, is very curious about his father, James Trotter, who died during World War II before Tim was born. He has given me some questions to ask:1.Was James Trotter’s airplane shot down by “friendly fire”? 2. Was he rejected by his family or did he reject them? Why didn’t Jean, his wife (Tim’s mother) contact them after the war? Why did Jean tell Tim very little about his father?3. Was James Trotter a confident individual or a maverick? 4. Are his “frailties” similar to his son, Tim’s? 5. Tim yearns to know his father. Has James Trotter any messages for Tim?Thank you.Christine

  3. Christine February 21, 2009 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    Can you please give me some advice on how to heal my relationship with my son, Jon. I would like to re-open communications with him. Is this a good time to approach him?I am also quite concerned about my physical health. What is wrong with me and how can I regain my health? Has the cancer returned?Thank you.Christine

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