Moving past fear and staying in your own power

Forward StepHello Guides, Thank you once again for this magnificent service. I am wanting to write, but so afraid. Is their something I can do to help lessen this unbelievable overwhelming fear? Why do I keep smelling toast? Am I correct in what I believe is going on at my work?  Help me please to stay in my power and the light of all that is.

Dear, dear, dear Mary, you are such an anxious wee one.  You need to relax and laugh and breathe deeply.  No, you don’t have a brain tumor.  There is nothing wrong with your mind.  Your great sense of smell is nothing to worry about.  And your fear of writing things down is you judge yourself so harshly and yet you fear judgment from others, that it will be as harsh.

Oh goodness, my blessed one, you just must be still and you are a beautiful being. You have much to say.  Try to say something just without any judgment or thoughts of yourself, just a phrase you wish to say, a phrase from your being.

Start simply.  You do not want to re-write some great, heavy thing that is far beyond anyone’s need.  And it hasn’t all been already said, my dear. There are all sorts of different ways to speak one’s truth.  Find yours.  Let it be in a song.  You love certain phrases from songs. Try that first of all and stop being so hard on you, my blessed one.  You have much to give.

Mary is also asking what is going on at her work. Is she correct about that?

Oh well, there is always certain things going on at work, but no, they are not about you.  There are all sorts of needs that are not being met for other beings and they make noise and make subtle remarks. but don’t pay any attention to it. Do what you need to do.   But don’t let it be the whole of your life either.  There is much more to you than just work.

Her last request is something I think we could all use help with.  How does she she stay in her own power and the light of all that is?

Simply by asking it you do it, my dear.   You already do.  You are putting many layers on yourself of self doubt.  You need to simply stop and realize you are beautiful.  You can do all you need to do; you just choose it and stop doubting yourself.

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