Dora asks, “How do I find ways to get my ex back?”

Dearest Dora, I don’t know if you understand about the state of growth that you are in.  You are right now trying to hold on to something that was, instead of embracing a change and moving forward.  That is called a state of “no growth” and that is not a healthy place to be.

I want you to continue to heal your being, to think about your health.  I think you believe that if he was to return that you would then step forward.  Well, that may all happen but at this time it is more important for you to heal you, to step forward, to grow.  Worry not about his choices but about your choices at this time. Do things that lighten your path, that make you feel well and happy; things that help you to take steps forward my dearest one.  You know that you want what was instead of understanding that what is happening right now is healthy, is good.  Make choices for you.  Move forward my dear.

Yes, it’s hard to do that sometimes, to make a change in the way that you look at your life.

Yes, placing yourself on the most important list.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to do?  What do I need out of this life’s path.”

Thank you.