Moving forward with the gifts you have

Louise has recently realized that she has some gifts. She says, “In fact I was frightened for a while to acknowledge these. I am trying to find my way forward, and as a result I stopped nursing as I feel it is very negative for me. Am I following the right path? Should I be working on my own work or my husbands? Or is this good for us both ? Also, can you tell me if the people who came to me for help got where they needed to go.

Firstly, this dearest one needs to rest. Rest also from a very strong sense of obligation and responsibility to others. This is what has truly drained her with her healing, her nursing, as it were. It began to be destructive to her because she gave so much and truly exhausted her being.

But she will usually do this with many beings in her life and she must be aware of this. Never was she not a good nurse; she is a very good healer, has great ability, but gets caught up with too much responsibilities. And not just with these patients but with others as well… the chitter chatter. She wants peace and calm and quiet.

Dear one, do not absorb yourself completely in your mate’s work. Help, yes; but also you must seek out that that which is yours. Seek out that that you find peace within, dearest one. You must take time for you.

The people who came to her for help, was she able to assist them?

Yes. Dear one, in time you will not even ask those questions. You will give freely and openly and know that this is what you were meant to do. And in the network of life you will see one day, when time is clear, how you affected all. But right now, do not concern yourself with these things. Trust.

Also, understand that sometimes in giving great chaos occurs. You have empowered beings to take on their work; don’t be afraid of the result. Do that that is driven with yourself or by the energy around you. It is often believed that the human condition expects the human condition to occur. Expect all things to be growing and moving forward and you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Anonymous January 14, 2010 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    Recently I asked my spirit guide for a sign, any sign whether it be to let me know he was there, or to guide me on my path somehow.. I started wondering if I would even know how to recognize the sign if he gave me one… Within a few minutes, I recieved the most unmistakeable sign, and it came in a very profound way! The sign came in the form of a universal symbol for breast cancer. Can you please tell me why my spirit guide chose to give me this symbol as a sign. What does it have to do with me and my path? Was it a warning? I would love to understand a little bit more about what this means for me. I was also wondering if you could please tell me my spirit guide’s name. Thank you so much! Blessings to you all. Love Lindsay

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