Moving beyond pain to love yourself

Elizabeth writes:

I’m feeling better in regards to Craig, I don’t know how my safety and fear connects to him. I want to be in that safe place I experienced that time I saw him. I want to be there again and stay but I don’t know how. I feel so much sadness when I contemplate not being with him, I can’t let him go. Please tell me why he let me go, why didn’t he come and get me? Could you please tell me what happened? Time has been standing still for me.

The guide responds:

No, dearest, time is not standing still.  In your physical world time creates change and change creates growth.  You fight against this, my dearest.  You fear moving forward for you cannot understand this loss.    Truth be, my dearest one, the most you know about love is through pain and loss.  It is time to truly understand where one learns love: by loving one’s being, by accepting one’s being and seeing your own being in the light and radiance of pure perfection.  Do not concentrate on that that was, but understand that what you want is yet to be.  There is happiness for you.  You do not need to wait to have some return of pain and anguish and uncertainty.  What lies before you is the wonder of life.  Understand that every opportunity of growth heightens your vibration, dearest.  Do not stay clinging to a no growing position but embrace that fresh, new opportunity of growth, to move forward.  Oh, blessed one, I wish to have arms so I could hold you and rock you, to sooth you.  Do not feel alone blessed one; you are not.  You do deserve happiness and you shall have it.  Trust in this.

Joanna comments:

I think often people have pain in their childhood or their early experience and they find it hard to let go of that and move beyond it.

The guide answers:

Yes, it is the only form they think is love.  They often feel safe within what is a state of no growth.  But being willing and seeking and understanding is a first step to the possibility of learning love.  It never leaves.


So what advice can you give to people to be able to make that first step?


I heard it once said a long time ago that if you do not have a will to love yourself, pretend. This only works in your domain.  Because there are many in your domain that learn through need to be that that they are not.  And often through just habitual practice of one thing for a long time, you can start to choose to love yourself.  This idea sometimes receives a negative understanding in your world of being conceited or somewhat self obsessed.  Well, if it takes a little obsession to move forward, there is nothing wrong with it.  But it is not an obsession to love yourself.  So practice it and see the beauty in all things on your path. If you do not understand what your path is, then look outside in your world for your world magnifies growth in every opportunity–the renewal, the opportunity for the unknown spring, the flower, the fertility, the fruit.  See your world, this beautiful plane where you have the amazing opportunity of growth.  See the pain in it but know that pain creates growth and so pain too is beautiful.

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  1. Elizabeth November 22, 2010 at 12:46 am - Reply

    Thank you, I shall do this because I don’t think I have any idea how to do this, I’m tired. I will give it my best shot :)
    Thank you,
    kiss kiss,

  2. Annonymous November 22, 2010 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    For many years I’ve had situationel anxiety and tried to do hypnoses and counselng for many years. It is around body language and I still have this problem. Can you tell me is this is from when I was a child or details if something from a past life experience? I have tried and tried to understnad what this block is. How can I bring this to light and heal from this?

  3. H November 27, 2010 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    Hello guides you have said if I attract light and love on my path that I will have it. What practical things can I do to achieve this, open my heart and love myself? Also is L still scared of me?

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