Moving beyond labels and limitations

Gina asks about attachment disorder that results from lack of bonding from mother to child. She feels at such a disadvantage because of the pain of this. She says, “I don’t want to have rage or anger but my challenges placing me at such a disadvantage and in a tremendous struggle while seeing others, who do not have attachment disorder, go on to thrive and do naturally that which comes hard for me, makes me feel angry!  Why did God not protect me from this? Do I have unrealistic expectations of God?”

Oh dearest one, dearest one, you do not see how wondrous you are.  You do not see what a survivor you are.  It is time to look at the positive parts of you.  All that was has created an amazing being.  Yes, there is still a little dust on your shoes, but nothing that will hold you stuck in one place.  You have learned and you have grown but you have taken that information and labeled it with a label so thick and tight that it has stopped you from seeing the amazingness of who you be.  You are not a label or a name or a functional disorder.  You are an amazing being my blessed one.  You see people in the whole of who they are.

At this time you watch more than you do–but you are willing to step forward I am sure.  When you see this from a different point of view you will understand and laugh at how  you were limiting yourself.  It is good to know why you made some choices.  Now that you have that understanding you have all of the information necessary to make choices that are helpful for growing and moving forward.  You will find love my dear when you love yourself enough to shake off all of the labels.  Bless you my child.

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