Hailstorm writes, “I wanted to know if you see the potential of a relationship growing between me and a guy named P. What is *up* with this guy? Is he a nice guy or a shady character? Why is he the way he is?”

This little one wants to know if it is safe.  I do not want to use that name (Hailstorm), blessed being.  This gentle being walks around in a façade that does not fit. So, I say to this one: Soften your edges.  Don’t be afraid to trust.  Both are playing games. You are tired of this and want to truly know this being.  In this game, this P. too fears showing his true self.  You can be the first one to trust.  You put down your armour and see what happens. Will you be attacked?   For this is what you fear and that is why you play the game.  And, if you are, then you will know this is not a being you will put trust in again.  But you cannot tell when both are so laden down with armour and there is no trust between the two of you.  Fear is what arms the two of you.   It is up to you my dearest, my gentle one.