Money and the energy of love

the-other-side-of-the-moon-1995.jpg!xlMediumCan you speak about our direction?

Yes there is a need.  You use the word direction.  Direction is needed upon this plane—but not as much as you feel it is needed.  Yes, I’ll say one thing and mean the other. We’ve often had you complaining that we talk in circles.  Hmnn.  We are circles. We have come full circle.  Thus we can give you a view that is different–because we have seen it from the other side of the circle.

All of you have had at some time a difficulty with that which you call money.  Yes, money. I liked gold coins better than your money.  Your money is colorless, but it has a purpose—because it is a tool. Just a tool.  As your hand and your feet, as your beautiful tongues, and your lovely teeth. It is to grow with, to nourish, to travel, to hold. Do not build this money up to be something other than this.

Yes, but all of you think: Yes, but with more of it I would not think of it so much. In fact this is not true. And you all know this.

It is not simple to live upon this plane.  Yet if it were simple what would your learn? If it were as it is spoken of, the Garden of Eden, you would all be fat on the fruit and not evolving. But in each and every one of you now there is a search that has occurred that must be satiated. The quest to fill that part of your energy field with that of Mother Energy—that which you are, that that your sphere is, that that your plane, even the carpet on the floor.

These things. Everything is energy. There comes a time in the physical life when it has been neglected. A space occurs and it must be filled with this. Call it God, whatever word you wish to use. It is the energy of love.  It is pure and simple.

reposted from January 14, 2013

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