A very high guide spoke these words to us at our last channeling session.

To understand the human race … and to allow this world’s wisdom into the space … this is what we are about.  To hold strong with grace the path of each being for their growth.   Blessed child, this is what we be.

You dwell in a time of so many rules and regulations, with old rituals and new ones desired.  And there is a wish to follow the signposts … and yet there are no signposts.  For each of you beings has within a clear map in which to learn.

It is a wondrous time.  Though you may feel it in your dimension as unknown, unsure.  In your time of greatest chaos, or when stress is upon you … just be.  Be still.  Hear your heartbeat and what your body needs … and know that its greatest nourishment comes from that energy, the thought to breathe.  You may call it unconscious but it is spirit caused.

The choices are often made in the unconscious… the need to stay in the body, to complete the path to learn that that is needed, to balance.  Never fear your conscious.  Never fear any part of your body, this amazing collection of cells that you put together for this road trip.