Making choices for your self and your growth

Someone calling herself Female Anonymous asks, “Is it in the highest for me to stay in the situation that I am in and allow more time for learning and growth and for things to change for the better, or is it detrimental for me to do so?”

Dear Anonymous – you are not anonymous.  You know yourself this choice has caused you great pain and if you stay long enough you will be in a state of no growth and that is a dangerous place to be in.  Not danger from someone threatening your life; but you are missing in your life.

You are waiting for another’s choice to change, but you are forgetting your choices.  You have expectations for someone else.  Don’t allow your growth to be affected by this.  You are an amazing being with so much to give.  I know you believe in love.  Then believe in love enough to make some choices for yourself my dear.

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