H asks if her weight and issues around it are blocking love from entering her life.  She says, “How can I learn to ‘feel’ again and find a genuine companion, or is my growth path to remain on my own?”

You speak dearest one that you are on your own, yet I see many that love to be with you.  They love your companionship, your joyfulness.  It is because you do not feel yourself with them that you feel so alone.   You hide all of your wonder, your magic.  You are quite the answer person for all of these beings, yet you do not see that.  Love.  Love of self, and love of another, a partner for life.  If you want these things, dearest, you will have them.  You are so disappointed with yourself.  You feel like you let yourself down so why would anyone want to love you?  Well, dearest, I am the first one stepping up to say you are very lovable.

So where do you begin? By starting that it is only one step at a time, this moment now. If you can enjoy yourself in each moment, you will see it is not about weight, it is about love.  It is not about the acceptance of someone else in your life, it is about rejoicing in the wonder of having another being in your life.  You are looking at if it is a list of have to do’s instead of joyous time ahead, the wonderment unfolding.  It is not some issue that you must tackle, dearest one.  It is about the blessing that lies before you.  Love your being, your body, your opportunity to grow, for your chance at this amazing life of growth.  Be full of wonderment at who should come around the corner and you be that amazing being to share with you such joy.  Instead of thinking there won’t be love, dearest blessed one, start opening that blessed heart.  Let the sunshine out and it will all be.