Love yourself and allow love

PG   writes:

I’ve been working on my heart chakra the last couple of months after I could no longer ignore its signs for something to be done.  I have been moving forward in a positive direction with this and am encouraged by the growth that I am making and will continue to make with family and friends.  In regards to an intimate, personal, love relationship I’m wondering if I will be able to allow myself to open up and commit to a person and allow them in?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you’ve been working so hard you forgot about one important thing:  willingness.  It’s not about work. It’s about being willing to love yourself; to love yourself in the greatest way, the smallest, the largest, the gentlest, the strongest, the weakest.  Loving oneself is accepting, forgiving and finding your bliss in being. Your heart cries out for emotional release dearest.  There is no right or wrong; there are no rules.  Be my child.  Put down all the working…and just be.  Love and allow love.  Be in it.  Do not analyze it, do not limit it, do not put conditions on it.  Have no expectations:  be.  When that conscious mind does need to judge, pour love into yourself and it will release.

You came up through an attitude of many conditions, things had to be one way or another.  When you reached adulthood you realized there were other parts to the world: shades and colors, magnificent joys and great sadness.  Be in them my child.  You are in a time of great growth.  Hold on to it. Embrace it like the most beautiful gift to yourself.  Bless you.

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