Love, pain and growth


Aurora writes, ” I am truly thankful for experiencing the many ways and shapes of love, but within the appreciation and enjoyment of it all my heart has some sadness. What is your advice for a sad heart, a lonely heart, a broken heart? Why do our chests hurt so much when someone we love does not reciprocate love or hurts or disappoints us? Thank you.”

Yes, it is true the same growth that causes the pain–it also causes forward movement.  At the same time your heart may feel bursting with joy, it can feel the sharpness of pain–but it is still growth.   Awareness, knowing–it translates in the body as pain.  But it is forward movement, so do not see it as negative.

The wonder of you is that you can feel that great love, or lack of.  It is truly the love you are feeling.  What do for this?  Honour this, rejoice in it.  Know that you are such a magnificent being that you love wholly and completely and you feel it inside out and upside down.  But in truth, this is how the body magnifies the growth.  It is positive even though the pain may feel negative.  Often, where there has been an unwillingness to love, and when the step is finally taken, and not fulfilled completely by another, there is a sense of emptiness, a love unfulfilled.  This too is growth even though it might not feel like it.  Dear Aurora, do not try to mask the pain as is so often done in your world.  Be in it, feel it, as this is the best way to soothe it.  Gentle one, give yourself love.

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