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White Cloudz writes:

This is a bit of an awkward question, but I feel that you may have some wisdom on this subject and i would love to get some help on this. I am a male and would consider myself to have some sexual problems. I feel like there is no way out of this one without losing something but surely I am not seeing clearly. I have practiced celibacy for a few years and haven’t had contact with a woman for a good stretch now. But I also studied ancient Chinese books and yoga and other spiritual studies which say you should learn to not ejaculate and hold the seed because it is precious and wasting it through masturbation is destructive and will eventually cause health problems. It also says abstaining can lead you to higher spiritual experiences and greater mental and physical health. So I’m at a stage of only letting it out every 3 months or so but I feel this may not be good for me. I feel it is sometimes maybe dangerous to hold on so long because the urge to mate is so strong and intense. And then when I do it I am drained and depressed for quite some time.

It seems everything to do with the subject of sex is difficult for me that is why I stay well clear of relationships even though I know there is a great bond to be enjoyed. I am an emotional being and sometimes I would just love to simply hug a woman, but  it can feel like I’m doing something wrong by looking at them or desiring them. I feel there is more growth for me when I’m alone because I can open my heart and learn to love the whole existence instead of getting caught up in a bond just between two people. Is there a way I can let go and move on with confidence. Thanks to all involved,I am very grateful for your time and honesty.

The guide’s response:

This beautiful being, this beautiful body—the difficulty lies in the concepts and understanding of the conscious mind, which come not only from this life but also from a previous existence.  Where a life of celibacy was involved in ritual and expectation and physical torture.  I cannot tell you the life because it would be wrong for me to bring forward what you are not ready to hear.  Thus there already exists in you a distorted understanding of being in the physical form, in a physical lifetime.  Thus it was a familiar thing when you understood it again in this life and when you read the old texts about how to be closer to God by denying the physical and all of its sensations.  It wasn’t just sexual sensations they denied; it was hunger, it was touch.  There were many things in that belief.

Was it right?  For beings that were at that stage of evolution it was right.  For you at your stage of evolution it is not.  That is why you struggle with it. Otherwise you would find complete comfort in it and be quite at peace in that tortuous state.  But your being, your spirit, your soul (whatever you wish to call it) is more evolved than this.  This is why you know that being, touching, loving another physical being is pure and perfect.

In many ways self-denial, self-centered, is self-destruction for you right now.  There is a part of you angry that you must resolve this now.  Oh you have not wasted anything, but now is a wonderful place to begin in this state–precious, beautiful.  Oh that served a purpose for then but now you must learn about being in this body.  These old concepts are deep within you for they come even from a life before this, so to undo will be quite a task, but not impossible.

As they were laid within you in a state of hypnosis and torture you must undo this through deep thought, with correct wordage of love.  For love is greater than all things and can release you from this belief.

And yes, you will have a love, gentle, beautiful being.  And when the touch happens you will not shrink from it but dissolve to it.  Being physical in the home that is the body is part of the learning that must take place.  And now they shall come.

Your mind can be your greatest enemy my dear.  It’s not your body you need to fight against but old ways of thinking—old beliefs that no longer fit your radiant spirit.  All functions of the body are holy.  If you consider God created this to e experienced, to learn from.  Yes, that that you created became an imbalance,  a distortion.  Out of balance, but you can balance by embracing.

The history of the physical world has many distortions.  But then they created the balance. You needed to be in the distortion to understand where you need to be, so do not blame yourself.  This will take some time for you to soften your love for yourself, to release the expectations, to understand that perfection has wonderful senses.  The ancients did not understand the whole of being; they created the beginning.  Let this state in which you be now be the beginning of your path, not some ancients.  Some very present physical spirit in body walking in this wonderful place of learning.  Love my child, love my child.  Love be that that you are.

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  1. Funtastic May 10, 2011 at 11:54 am - Reply

    There is a guy named Kyle that I enjoy conversating with. I find myself attracted to him as a result of the conversations. I have not met with him in person yet; we are in different states but we met a few times in high school. I have been feeling a lot of feelings concerning him and not sure what they all mean. I want to act from my mind and not just my feelings, physical or otherwise. I have been celibate for about 6 years because I want to wait for the right man for me. I want a man who will cherish me and commit to me for life as in a marriage partner. I also see sex between two people as sacred and would like to only share that within a loving, monogamous, committed, and healthy long term relationship. How do I evaluate what man would make a good mate for me so that I can choose the right one? Would Kyle make a good mate for me? He invited me to an event to see him, but I had negative thoughts creep in surrounding my safety. I do not want to be carried away by momentary or fleeting feelings nor controlled by fearful and highly improbable outcomes. I thank you.

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