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Dear Guides, I am confused about a person I loved and shared time with a while back.  We are not in contact now but he still occupies my heart and I’m stuck…having difficulty moving forward.  Can you help?

It is not my place to tell you the needs and choices of that being.  But I will tell you that the thought of you is often, if not very frequent.  It is very difficult to deal with those who are afraid of their own thoughts and worth; to trust that if you speak without need, without expectation you can share time together.  There is something from this one’s previous experiences that causes this one difficulty, you know that.  He does not know which foot is where, back and forth, exhaustion.

So, you can choose to stay in one place and not move forward with this one.  Or, you can hold this one in your heart with love and openness and be willing to move forward into new and wonderful relationships with others.

Why?  You might feel why am I so obsessed confessing the deep love you have and the need to be part of.  Blessed one, if it were possible I would help you by saying to you “I am completely perfect just the way I am.  What I give and share with others of myself is the highest and greatest gift.  I desire to give this to him and others, as I choose, as I will it, as I be for I am light, I am love.”

Trust that not all promises can be completed.  Understand that the psyche from some beings does take a great strong hold and overwhelms spiritual growth, but it does not stop it, it cannot prevent it, it just might hold it up for a while.  But I am not saying to you hold your breath in waiting.  I am saying rejoice, extend a hand to him but if he cannot unleash himself, continue on.

Bless you my child for you are a beautiful being of beautiful light.

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