The Good Cook writes, “I recently lost my beloved, my husband. He was my true partner in life. I believe we were of the same soul. I miss him so. He has visited me several times in the past month. Each visit very tender and dear. My question: will we meet again? Not just in the afterlife, but can we be born again and have another chance to live and love and marry and go on? I miss him so much. I want more of our life together.”

Oh darling, it is very hard to feel as if you’ve lost someone you loved, but firstly let me say you haven’t lost him.  The love is still there and he be still there with you. I know you don’t have the body there to see and touch and hold and the familiarity of his presence.  His presence is there with you, as you very well know.  Aye, he’s in a time of great learning and understanding all of the things that he has done and has yet to do.  As to whether you will be together again, you won’t be deciding that yet, until you are both in a time and place to do so.  And that won’t be for a while yet blessed one.  There is much yet you have to do.

Taking care of business.  I know you just feel like you are going through the actions.   But you have such wonder about you, dearest one.  You have always been one who made lemonade out of lemons or shall I say the greatest apple pie out of the worst apples you could possible find.  You also have, even though you might think it not, a very lucky time right now, but you do have it.  Things present themselves right before you even without you asking too much.  This is what happens dearest and it is evolving as I say this right now to you.  Paths are opening, ways in which you will be out and communicating with other beings that will help you a great deal.

He is always going to be there as you made a promise a long time ago and you can still talk and converse with him.   You know what dearest?  You are hearing them.  Be not afraid of what lies ahead dearest one.  You are doing just beautifully.  As to speaking about your grief and sharing it in your method and fashion, you are reaching souls that thought they were all alone.  And the grieving just doesn’t happen in a few days and then it be gone.  Oh good Lord girl, there are ones that are still grieving thousands of years later.   So trust in your time it will take and you will know when you are ready, and it won’t happen there in one day either.   And you will never, ever lose that love. But he loves you enough to allow you to grow and to move forward.  Don’t stay in one place blessed one.  You be exactly what you need to be.