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Loneliness – it’s an inside job

So many times, I’ve seen that haunted look in the eyes of someone in a crowd full of people, either by themselves or in amongst many. I’ve seen loneliness with my heart, though honestly, I’ve never felt alone. Oh, I’ve been sad, felt grief and loss, but never alone. Perhaps, because I’ve always felt the amazing love and presence of my Guide.

When I asked my Guide why people experience loneliness, his reply was, “It’s an inside job. Whether they feel loneliness or want to be alone, it’s a choice,” he said. “So many Beings don’t accept that everything is a choice that you actually put in action. The energy to create that that you call one’s life, one’s path.”

Asking how do I help them, how do I help them see and hear all that is present, his answer was, “Love them, trust them, teach by living a life of love. You are all teachers and learners. You all have the ability to affect others, and your world, by how you live. Being conscious of your actions, loneliness can be taught too. Choose to be the light that you are. Teach love.”

Please know that you are loved, and not alone.


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photo by Graehawk
courtesy of Pixabay

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