“A Friend” writes:

Hello Guides, Please can you tell me who is the man that keeps making disturbing telephone calls to me; and why he is doing this?  I have been receiving menacing calls for the past 3 weeks at various times from someone who hides his telephone number, disguises his voice and says the same disgusting things every time.  This now feels personal and I worry does he know me & where I live work?  I have reported these calls and I want them to stop!  Am I in danger?

Also should I sign the legal paperwork I have received?  I do not agree with the solicitor or want to ‘sign’, and I am concerned about the implications of doing so.  Can you offer any advice?

Lastly I have been told that I will not get a more enjoyable job until I have completed further education, but I have no idea in which subject/field to look.

With many thanks.


The guide’s response:

Dear, dear heart, you are a random choice.  No, you do not know this being.  This being is unwell, unbalanced.  Nothing you need to fear.  Only by fear this one can control you.  Listen not to this information.  Hang up immediately.  For there are some that would say scream or make loud noises but it is best it is best to not irritate this being, have no reaction.  You can, in fact, not even answer any of these calls for those that you know who call you say who they are.  There is a part of you that is too interested in knowing who this being is. Deny this any attachment, or any input into your life.  You were random but he now knows that your number answers and listens.  So, stop that process, nothing to fear.  Have no part of this being who needs to have attention through this negative means.  This is a troubled being.  If you wish, send this being light and love.  Surround that energy that this might find help and healing.  You are greater than this, have no part of it.  You are lonely, blessed one and you want to find a balance in your life so you will be fulfilled.  You are often drained by those things in your life that you must provide for, but find little avenues for joy.  Reading is often an escape for you and this is not a negative thing.  But it would be best if you could find a circle of beings that you could talk, to find joy, to find laughter.  You are a healer so why would you look for other work?  You will always have the need to help others, the old, the young, middle-aged, all of these beings seek you for your gentle help, your ability to listen.  Well, seek the human touch for that work you do.  Massage might help or other ways you need to receive it yourself.  The give and take is important in your path.  But do not listen to this one that is drawn to your bright light. Put this out of your mind.  You can even change your number if you need to.  You can also ask yourself why you invest time and often worry to this one?  It is because you are lonely dear one.  But seek not love and attention through that avenue.  Trust in your own wonderful light to draw love  close to you for it is there.

Should she sign the legal paperwork?

You do need to speak to someone else on this matter before you sign anything.  You are not feeling secure in your own understanding of the ? release and the situation you are in.   Speak to another who can read and can understand and speak it back to you.  This
will often help. Sign nothing that you are not comfortable with. Because in this situation you have been controlled so much you do want to be clear about the choices you make. Talk to another, do not be afraid to do this.  There is help for you.  Let the education not be taxing that you must do, let it be joyful.  If you follow your truth you will never work a day in your life.  You have often felt that you do love your work but now you feel drained by the same familiar every day situations.  Something fresh and new you seek.  Seek that.  Seek something that you feel passionate about.  Lift your heart blessed one.  Choose the light.  Many schools are burdening those that just need to refresh instead of empower the political process of education.  Refresh your being and look over that that you have been,  wanted, desired and follow something different, only joy.

Bless you my child.