Life is not a debt, it is a gift

Chanti writes:

My heart seems confused about a  decision I need to make. I met this man in France and now things are getting more serious for him over there and me in Canada .
He asked me to marry him. I am afraid of marriage again and being hurt again!
I feel so afraid  to leave everything–my job where I have been for so long and my roots.  Afraid of  money to support myself over there and the difficulty in finding a  job I would enjoy doing .  He has children I don’t have children and I wonder if his children will accept me, especialy is daughter who is very close to him and seems to challenge me, a new woman in her father’s life. Do I have a promise with her ?

Do I have a promise with this man ? If so what is it?  We are so so different in so many ways but seem to connect in other ways I’ve never felt before.  I ask myself how would I know after all the work I am doing on myself.  I take time to breathe and listen to my voice inside, but still I am wondering.  Still I am  confused and afraid.   

The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed child, you always wanted children, why not embrace them?  No, not to be mother perhaps, but just to be part of their life in a special and wondrous way.  See this not as a burden but a great wealth, an opportunity to gain great wonder, and excitement and happiness.

Dearest one, you have often looked upon your path as such a burden instead of such a blessing.  Look at the wondrous opportunities you’ve had to grow, to become much more enlightened, or light I shall say.    Dearest one, you sparkle with enthusiasm sometimes, but in your innermost thoughts you believe you do not deserve one minute of happiness.

Life is not a debt, it is a gift.  Take it, blessed one.  If you were presented with a gift would you fuss and worry that the gift would not be appropriate to you?  You should just say “thank you.”  Bless you, my child.


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  1. itsme11 April 3, 2012 at 1:44 am - Reply

    Hi guides, I wanted to know why I am the way I am. I feel like I’m weird and different and that people around me sense that. I’m so anxious and it makes it difficult for me to think clearly. My anxiety has gotten worse and I don’t know what to do. I have a hard time clearly communicating my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I can’t retrieve the right words to use to express my thoughts. I’m so uncomfortable whenever I go out to parties or any social setting. It affected me in my previous jobs, school, and all other areas of my life. How come I can’t just speak up and be myself or just be normal? I feel like that’s why I didn’t do well at my job. I just have been so down because I know I worked hard but that wasn’t recognized. I’m just stuck right now

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