Letting yourself be

Curious – Dear guides, why has my ‘friend’ not contacted me, and how does he ‘feel’ about our recent meeting? His conversation showed growth, but his life remains ‘care-free’ (HIS path, his choice!). Did a shift take place between us? as it feels that way. It was nice to catch-up, but felt forced at times, as if things were thought but left unsaid. Is his lack of effort, a reflecton of his thoughts/feelings about me, or due to something more complex? (it’s fine to be blunt). Many thanks

I know what you want, my dear.  You want this being to want you.  But you are creating in your mind that that is not truth. Creating pain for yourself where it need not be. This being would like to just be friends, nothing more, but nothing less.  This being knows that you want more than this and at this time is not able to do that.  Accept the friendship, or accept the fact that it cannot go further than this.  Blessed one, you want very much to control many things in your path.  And you can create wonderful paths with light and love and those that love you will come into it and be part of it with you.  But you have frightened away others too by the great need to control things.   Let others be and in doing so let yourself be.  Share with them the magnificence of who you be.  Try not to just fit to a mould that someone else will love.   Try to be who you are, it is much easier and you will be much happier.  Bless you my child.


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  1. curious1 August 29, 2012 at 4:23 am - Reply

    Thank you guides, you know me so well

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