Nastassja says she doesn’t know how to just be. She says, “I have recently become very aware of how things may really be, as opposed to what I’ve thought was fact my entire life. I keep reading and reading and reading, but I don’t really know what to do as far as just being. I’m also having a hard time letting go of old beliefs and welcoming new ones. I have a lot of fears, including financial ones, that I KNOW I need to let go of, but I don’t know how.

I guess I’m not really asking a question, but rather I am looking for a sign or something that tells me concretely that I really am a co-creator, I am eternal. That I’m not just wanting to believe in all of this so badly. (I can’t tell what is my ego and what’s real inside of me.) Thanks for your love and compassion.

Dearest Natasha, you worry enough to create sores on your being, my dearest one. You are so concerned to do the right thing that you fear life. Dearest one, trust in the knowledge that there is right and wrong and both are right. There will be choices that you make that may somewhat appear wrong, but for you they will be right. Seeking your truth–that that you be. How do you seek this my child? How do you understand what you want is your truth. You have thought of this what you need to be your truth, not necessarily so. Be present in your path. Be present in your life. Be present in your body.

What does this mean? It means feel it, see it, use all of the senses that the physical domain offers you to grow through, to learn to touch. Touch, taste, vision, hearing, a sense of smell… Being, is using all of these things with spirit. In other words, understanding the integration of your energy through the physical body manifesting its voice in our physical world, is your spiritual quest.

Whatever sign or issue you wish to use as your sign from the beings that surround you, choose it and it shall be used. In time, you will know the great truth of who you are. That you are wise beyond your physical age of your being. That you have knowledge that you have not read from a book, it is within. That guru, or teacher that you seek child, that you seek so hard to find in all of the books, in all of the ways, lies within you. You are a most beautiful being. It fills all those around you with great joy watching you. You have been a teacher in many ways and yet you have no knowledge of this. It is good that you do not just accept all things but seek, listen calmly, and hear. You seek for yourself; know that all great teachers do this. There is never just one place of being. It changes, grows and moves. Tomorrow you will be a different being then today. Your truth will change. Rejoice in who you are my dear because you are very wonderful. Bless you.