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Let your children know that you love them

Changing dynamics in a family

I’ve been going through a lot this past year with lots of change going on with my daughter and stepdaughter. I’m feeling exhausted from trying to be the perfect parent. Is there going to be some peace in the near future for me and my family?

Oh dearest one, just be who you are. You’re a lovely being. There are some that just wish to make a lot of noise about how they absorb and understand and grow. Do not judge, just hold the space filled with love and light. And your family will always be strong—for you are strong.

Speak from your heart. Never stop communicating your truth, your love. It isn’t about judging; it’s simply about loving. These beings want to find a fault because they fear that they do not know their own truth. But do not judge. Just be still. Love them, and let them know that you are always there, and will be there for them.

Words said in anger are more about emotion than truth. There is fear; there is hurt. And there is a great need to control. Speak out loud that you do not need to control, you just need to let them know that you love them.

If they choose to go back in time and rehash that that was, unfortunately that that was is holding them there, and they cannot grow and move forward. Perhaps in time you can speak: let us begin again from where we are now and move into light and love.

I know they demand apologies and answers for things—that you do not have to give them. Be the light. Begin now. Bless you my child.



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