Leaving the physical domain as a time of great learning

D writes:

Dear guides,  can you please offer some explanation as to why P left so early? He was everything to his young family and is loved by so many. I don’t understand. Any information or understanding would be helpful. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

For growth, my dear.  One does not have to not like one’s family to still have growth.  One leaves when one needs to experience that part or perhaps those that have promises with this being.  It is all about growth, dearest.  It is hard to understand when you dwell in the physical domain.  It has its ties locked firmly in free will and that truly blocks the understanding of this whole process, that this is a learning place.  It is almost like a separate unit, your physical world, as if you are all in an aquarium to grow, to learn, to be.  But also if leaving the aquarium means you can maybe no longer swim, but now you walk.  It is all about growing, dearest one.  No one had mean intent.  Often pain is computed as a great negative.  But there is great joy too, for these beings have a very intense vibrational state from this one as he does from them.  The choice is always up to the being who leaves.  You have to understand that it is not just your conscious mind that makes this choice, it is your spirit.  Great clarity, with great love, more encompassing than you can understand while you dwell in the physical.    It is a great time of learning.

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