NG writes:

Dear Spirit Guides,
I have recently separated from my long time girlfriend and it was she who initiated the separation. Our relationship needed work but there was still so much love between us and I truly feel we have so much potential together as a loving and happy couple. We had recently moved into a new apartment, which we both loved and felt home in, and had only been there a few weeks when it ended. I have had so many realizations of myself and have been committed to making myself the person I can love and be loved. Do you see any potential for my ex-girlfriend to come together again in a loving relationship as we both have time apart to work on ourselves?  Thank you for guiding me and thank you for your blessings!

The guide’s response:

Do not be angry with yourself that you are unaware of her feelings.  Do not hold yourself to blame for that that was, for it is not so.  Be, dearest.  Do not try to be, but be.  In a moment of question when you are not knowing how to be, sense how your body speaks to you.  Is your heart sad?  Is it glad?  Do your knees feel weak?  Does your skin tingle?  Your mind is a very strong instrument of learning that often overrides what your heart needs to express.  Your heart will beat very wildly and you must be still then and give words to what it speaks. You are an extremely intellectual being.  And, it is emotion that you need to work on, blessed one.  Do not be so working on it that you lose sight of all that you are.  In being, as in loving, allowing, release the hold that you have on things and allow them to grow into the light of your energy.  This was a wonderful opportunity of growth.  You shall be.