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Pam says she feels like she is one of the ‘evolved souls that have been called upon to come forward’ but she also feels like there is something else that she needs to do. She says, “I teach workshops and work in the field of metaphysics. Things have been very quiet for me recently. I feel so much better when I am working, not so much for the money (although that helps) but more for the ‘knowing’ that I have work to do. I am trying to stay in the present moment.” Any words for Pam?

Yes. This being is doing very well. The ebb and flow of the need of her work is part of that very great growth. It is the heartbeat of your physical world, the ebb and flow. She needs to speak the language that they will understand, to take part with larger groups. Even though they be different, they will help her to communicate her vibrational information. In other words to be in touch with those that need her. She does very well. She communes very well.

So is there something that she needs to be doing besides working with larger groups?

This will give her advertising, and that is the thing that she needs.

To get more…?

To communicate. Yes. Evolved beings are often timid about this. It comes from being an ancient being, afraid if they make too much noise it will overwhelm them and others will take control. It comes from an ancient knowing of being harmed because of that that she be. She must trust that that will not take place. She is much needed.

I will tell her that. Thank you.

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  1. AJ Adams April 21, 2009 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    I am at professional crossroads in life. I have gone back to college and obtained a degree, and while it is a very marketable, well-respected degree (finance), I have little desire to work a traditional 9-5 job. While I am far from lazy, I feel no strong pull to engage in any work right now. I’d love to spend some years taking care of my family and developing myself. Problem is, our current financial situation demands I work. I believe I am an old soul. It wouldn’t surprise me to know my end calling (work) is in the line of helping people through metaphysical means (education, maybe even healing?), but currently I am at a loss as to what to do. I have a business idea I could pursue (not sure how much time this would take me away from my family or if it would even be profitable), I could go to work in a traditional setting (feel suffocated), or I could stay home (I’d be happy, but this would handicap my family financially). Do you have any guidance?Thank you so much for your time and thoughts,AJ Adams

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