Does Jane remember what was spoke of or have free will to ask questions when she is channeling. Can you tell me about when you(Jane) first realized what an amazing gift you have. I think it it absolutely wonderful.I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Namaste

Thank you for asking me a question.  Do I remember what the guides say?  No, not in words, but a feeling of love and peace permeates my body.  In meditation I can receive messages and remain present.  With chanelling, it is a stepping aside and allowing the energy through.  This was something I developed a long time ago.  I remember feeling like I was the person between the guide and whoever ws having the reading. I almost felt as though I was intruding on their conversation.  Yes, it’s wonderful to help people, but remember I too have come to do work, that I must do for myself.  I don’t just get the answers given to me without growing too.