It is time now to write again, to put down your truths and say what you believe


I am currently writing a book at this moment and responding to my calling. I am very conscious that we are in a lot of transition right now on the planet from values to beliefs and perceptions.  And I certainly struggle within that bridge. Do you have any advice or guidance to this time of transition?

Yes.  Believe it or not you all came willingly to be present at this time.  There are many names for it, the Overturn of Souls.  There are very many new beings and very many old beings and not so many middle-aged souls. Middle-aged souls love to be politicians and they are very good at it because they understand about balance and allowing people to grow.

New souls are terrible politicians because they are feisty and fighting and old souls they would rather sit and look at their navel, unfortunately.

And right now everything is changing and everything is up in the air as you’ve all probably seen already.  Old ways are dying and new ways are coming up and being fought against the old ways.  This goes for religions, it goes for politics, it goes for boundaries and it goes for just about everything you see.

How to relate to it is that the old ways don’t teach anymore.  Now, it is a new form of understanding so it is time now to write again, to put down your truths and say what you believe.  It doesn’t have to follow that that was.  You don’t learn from your history, you create your future.  And that is something many of you do not understand yet.

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