It is about what you need, where you are, and how you move forward

Robbie Mikey writes:

Dear Circles within Circles,

This is an amazing site and your hard work is so very much appreciated by us all. Thank you for any words you can offer as a precious gift. Do I have any gifts or talents that I can work on at the moment? It seems to be important for me to find a positive way to help others onto the spiritual path. I experience the darkness on my own and have never really spoken to another human being about it. It seems to worry people and they don’t understand. Everything I try to build falls down and nothing is working at all at the moment. All my friends have jobs and girlfriends and their own houses and they find my practices very strange and even dangerous. My family think exactly the same and will never understand me. I haven’t a clue what to do.  I hope to get stronger and become a better more capable person who can deal with just the simple things in life which are a huge challenge to me, just dressing myself,eating and drinking and going out into crowds have become very difficult for me. Im so grateful to all who make this site and communication possible. Thank you all the way to the moon and back and reaching out by every little star far across galaxies to the land of foreverness. May the Divine bring you all special blessings by day and the Angels kiss your dreams at night!

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are in a time of great growth.  Of course there will be uncertainty in your mind for in a time of great growth this is usually new territory you are stepping into and you’re drawing on many things that you have within.  And a lot of  that that you have within, that you have experienced you are afraid of.

You know of the great love that is there for you, for you have experienced that that has no time element to it, the sheer bliss of being in the light.  You know that in your darkness there was a light that brought you forward and that is what you want to tell people about.  When you speak of your darkness to others who also fear their own darkness, you feel their uncertainty and their fear.

You have been abusive to your body. You have thrashed against the light and your path many times, so those who love you do fear and they want only to see you happy and proceeding.  But it is not about what they need or they want, it is about what you need, where you are and how you move forward.  You will teach when you feel strong.

You will tell others what was important for you to remember each of these positive movements that you take.  Trust that you understand in your heart, not necessarily your mind, but the calm feeling of light and love will come over you and this will be the way to go.  You have had a difficult time.  You have felt unloved, worthless and unwanted.  But then you discovered that you love yourself, that you want to be radiant and that you know that you have worth.  And so, in your wonderful excitement of this, you want to share it with others–and in time you will.  Not so much with those close to you, but with those that have the newness of relationship for there you will feel strong. There you will not be placed in a place where you were, instead you will be.

Bless you my child.  Bless you, bless you.


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  1. jlew April 28, 2012 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    I am in between – what I truly want to do and the day job to pay the rent and food. Can you share some guidance? I need financial support to move from this in between time to devote my energies to my passion. Love and thanks!

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