Larry writes, “I recently have come to understand more of the gift that I have and doors are opening for me. The growth and knowledge that I can share is a true gift, I love this and feel good doing my work. The only thing that bothers me is that I need improvement with my emotions.  Is there any insight for me to cope with relationships. I want to be the person I know I can be without the distractions of love and the hurt that comes with it, but I also want a meaningful relationship in my life. It just seems that I can never understand the way people can be and they can never understand me. Any insight is greatly appreciated.”
Dearest Larry, if you hold back whom you are, you portray someone you’re not.  You fear that you are not perfect.  That there is some part of you that would not be acceptable to this beautiful being that wants to be in your life.  So you try so hard to not be who you are.  And you are an amazing being.  I want you to stop looking for someone else but be who you are and share you with others.  And allow them to see and be drawn to you.  You have the ability to be like a chameleon when you are with others.  You bring out the best in them but they never get to see the best of you.  So how do you undo this?  You will always want to make them comfortable, as that is what you do.  But try to make yourself comfortable too by giving yourself time. Leave some space between the words, look into their eyes and be comforted.

You become very anxious and you think they are judging you when in truth they are thinking about how they look to you.  Try to enjoy being.  Try to enjoy the touch of a hand, a smile, a look to be part of this amazing process.

Do not feel separate but one with them and you will draw this one to you.