Tricia wou ld like to know who her guides are.  She also asks, “Should I continue with Ger Lyons workshops to open me up to be a vehicle of light and love in the world?”

She has entities numbering five at this time, or guides as you call them. They are very, very strong and individual beings, not one conglomerate.   Much of this teaching has already taken place. Whether she continues or not will be entirely up to her.  She is finding some personality conflicts and that is something she must listen to especially because she has very strong entities that are trying to work with her and through her.

I will leave it up to them to communicate with her who they are as it is not my place to do so.    But tell her that she is very safe in opening and not to fear anything.  Anybody who puts fear in this realm is wrong.  I will say that she is quite capable of speaking with her guides on her own.