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Maurice writes:

Dear friends, I have a question to ask.  It’s about exorcism. We hear that a lot lately, true stories etc.  I always believed that it’s true that some spirits can do those things but I never believed it’s the devil. I always thought that it might be lots of spirits them working as one, spirits with anger and jealousy.  Am I right or wrong? Like people say, its’s lucifer and the word does mean coming from the light? I know it’s a touchy subject, but can you enlighten me on it?

The guide’s response:

Ah yes, the story of the fallen angel, Lucifer, is indeed a story.  My dear, it came from a book, a very wise book about how to teach beings right and wrong, good and bad.  The story was of evil and love and it was created in the world of the physical, by man.

Is there evil in spirit?  No dearest.  Evil dwells in the creation of the physical world, created to cause growth perhaps and perhaps to cause no growth.  What you are aksing, my dear, is can a spirit enter into a body? Yes, blessed one, I do it.  However, I would never harm or create harm to any being for that would be against my growth.

Your world has seen in times where a being’s spirit has not moved forward but stays dwelling in the physical without the containment of a physical body.  These spirits can communicate with people through a person who is willing to open to them.  But no spirit can dwell in the body of a conscious being without their awareness.  That is only done when a person asks them to come through.  It cannot happen without consciously being accepted.

These that you speak of are not evil, they are confused, perhaps confused as to where they be. Light and love can show them they need to move into another direction.

As to asking if there is an evil spirit in spirit, no, blessed one, there is only love. There is only light.  What you have seen and heard is the physical’s world great desire to create fear and to find excitement from it and many other things.  Fear can be fun but it can also limit beings.  Trust, my child, that the creation of much that you see around you come from the desire to make money.  It has very little to do with spiritual growth but be not afraid of it.

No negative being can take over a body.  Choice is involved and there is choice for love always to be present.

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