Kora  writes:

I would like to know why I have so many dreams about the house. Why are they almost always so terrifying?  What about the dream with the power surges through my hands and body?  Can you tell me anything else about that house?  Can you tell me anything else about my dreams? What can I teach my children about dreams and dreaming?

The guide’s response:

If you have indeed asked for information through dreams, this gives a very different product than what you have received in this one.  This is part of your conscious mind trying to not be afraid of certain things on your path, trying to talk to you about the power you have within your being, that you needn’t fear, that there are things out there but they needn’t make you afraid.

As to your children, teach them that dreams are an amazing part of their ability to learn about themselves and the world that they live in.  And that if something scary or unknown is presented in a dream that it is an opportunity to ask:  what is frightening me about this world?  It creates great conversation between parents and child, or between any beings.

Dreams are a very interesting tool that have been misunderstood for a long time.  But in truth there is a process in which you can learn a great deal about yourself.  Some of your dreams are from the unconscious.  Those take place at the very beginning of the sleep realm and the very last part of the sleep realm.  It’s a time when the conscious mind is put to quiet, in other worlds not plugged in, and there is an opportunity to receive information from spirit or to understand the greater spirit of oneself.

The house then, it seems to be one particular house, is there any significance to that?

No, it basically represents life to her.

So her dreams are telling her about some fears she may have.

That she is afraid of things; that she feels she must control things and then the power is the great self, the protector that lies within her, that will fight all and protect all if she needs to.  And that’s the truth–she would do so. Blessed one, know this.