Helene writes,

Dear Ones,

I am wondering how to navigate the somewhat harsh environment that is my new job given my extreme sensitivity. I can’t seem to help but internalize other people’s stress and negativity, as well as their reactions to me, and I think it is affecting my performance. I want to do well and be in harmony here, but I am having a hard time relaxing and settling in.  Thank you for any words of advice you can give.


The Guide’s response:

Blessed child of light, you are a true sponge when you are with those that have difficulties.  I remember a time in a previous existence where you actually helped the lame and those that had a disease of leprosy. You called many to your side to be protected.  You understand what it is to be alone and afraid and so I am not the least surprised that you feel all of their pain, their confusion, their judgment.  But they are not judging you, my dear.  They are wondering if they are bright enough light to be close to you, so this translates from time to time as fear.  So they might fear you.  Do not speak openly of this but in your calm, gracious way be present, be kind, be loving.  You have such a huge vast presence it is true you encompass them.  Sometimes words are never needed with this energy that flows in and around just a kind look into the eyes of others and if they divert your gaze do not speak of that, but know that your light is very bright.  Be present, blessed one.  I know you are very thankful for this job and you are very thankful for being, but you fear judgment.  Know that they are not judging you, they judge themselves.  Just be blessed one, just be.

Often times when beings enter into places of work it is a dichotomy of need, want, fear, wanting to be accepted, wanting to help.  I have not forgotten this strange thing of working in the physical world.  It used to be you were a farmer, you raised your crops, you set your seeds and you waited for them to grow and those that needed came to you and you gave your things to them with the exchange of perhaps not even money but seed, butter or perhaps milk.

You live in a complicated time far removed from the basic things that support life.  The truest thing is the basic need is still love.  So filter through all of those thoughts and feelings and understand that all those beings that you be with in these places of work is still love.  Love is the food that is necessary to stay in the body for it is that that feeds your spirit.  It is that that you all seek although many have forgotten.  Blessed ones, you are love and light.