Cheenu writes:

I was told 3months back by a guide that this is an important time for me.  I just wanted to ask in what sense is it important.

The guides response:

(Gentle laughter)   Is it not good enough just to know just that it is important?  To know that your choices that your actions have a great deal of weight now;  that you are in a time of learning?  I know you want to hear it in a different way, an exact time and form.

Blessed one, if you were to take stock and be still you would see how you have grown.  See how the choices you make now differ from the choices you have made before. See that you you’ve grown.  Do not struggle against time, for it truly does not exist.  If you stand still, time will stand still too.  If you move into your world, if you dance with it, time will quicken.  It is truly true.  Enjoy your time in this world.  Bless you my child.