Dandystar asks if she is making the est choices in terms of relationships with others, particularly with her boyfriend.  She says, “I constantly seek happiness but every time I find it, it seems to fade away. How can I become more enlightened?”

Do you feel you deserve happiness, my dear?  Or does part of you self destruct when it is at your fingertips?  You doubt it is real.  You start to create conversations that never occurred. You block that that is coming to you.  Are you your own worst enemy?  I may say yes, but I do not mean yes.  I mean you have created within your path like your own iron fortress to not be heard.  Consciously you thought you got rid of all of this, but it is an old pattern.  Now it is becoming an armor so heavy that it is limiting you.  Take time to do some understanding about attachment to beings.

Where does a physical body learn about that physical sense of attachment?  At the very early stages of your physical life.  Think of this time.  Understand this time with the adult mind of who you are now and allow it to teach you something.  Allow it to speak to you about why you are afraid of the love and the joy that is there for you.