Sahara Wind asked about Mohamed, the Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire in protest and ignited revolution and the Arab Spring? Did Mohamed come into life with this huge promise or was this a random choice within so much anger and pain? Is this young man now aware that his actions have changed the world? In a country such as North Korea how can people rise up and claim their freedom?


The guide’s response:

They do this one being at a time.  In this way beings claim their freedom–by seeking their truth.  It is one and the same.  A belief or the conditions under which you live… you must do it for your self.   If it gathers many in number it will happen more quickly. But do not think that one voice alone has no effect, for you saw it in the being of Mohamed you spoke of.

There were many conditions around this being.  All that knew this one knew a gentle, beautiful being who only wanted to make peace in the world and to provide happiness for his family.  But the family now are very sad and do not truly care that much about the great effect it caused.  Only their own sadness they feel.  But know that this being is still protecting and is with them.

This one did come to the physical world with the hopes of creating peace.  He thought it would be through a small way of being and to each would say the same to all of you, choose the best you can and it will have an effect on many.  You need not set your being on fire to be heard.

You live in a time where you want instant relief on these things and yet nothing in your history has ever shown this until the  time of atomic warfare.  But even that took more than an instant, whether you understand it or not, but it is truly the communication.  And now you have focused much on communication in your world.  And it will help to be the catalyst in many instances, but still remaining to be the choice of each individual.

If you understand that the true purpose of the physical world is for your growth, you will understand that each being present, each, although the number of you vary so greatly….  For each, this creation, you, is the most important thing.  Where you be.

And I speak you singularly, but in the multiples of dimension:  Bless you.  Seek and search for your truth under whatever conditions you liveYou choose.  If your voice must be heard quietly then so be it.  But use all of the tools of the physical world before you to speak your truth. This is what the overturn is about.  It is the changing of the guard.  The rules no longer fit.  It is the rebirth.

Be not afraid, but rejoice and let your voices sing out… but hear the song.  It is not just about the form in which the communication happens.  It is saying it and also being heard, hopefully, face to face.   But understandably some will feel imprisoned and will be unable to reach out, but that communion can occur.

Bless you all.  Bless you for asking.  Bless you for seeking.  Do you understand what the word blessing means?  It means encircled in light.  I love you my children.