How each choice affects our growth

IMG_0089Are recent events taking us into further chaos or is there a new sense of equilibrium?

Chaos can only reign if you allow it to. There will be those of you that will choose it, there will those that will run in fear instead of standing strong in their own power.  As was spoken before, these occurrences create growth.  They have given every being a choice, every being.

There will be those unable to make a choice and they will not grow.   There will be those who will choose against their vibrational state of being.  In other words, choose less than    where they be in their evolution. That will cause a state of no growth.  There will be those that will choose much higher than they be–and they will move much quicker in their vibrational state of being.

Do you understand how a being grows?

Understand that your vibration, your spirit, the energy, the power of your being comes in as a new life, as a very low vibration.  It does not move at a fast rate.  And each act of learning that is taken upon in the physical world and is succeeded, though perhaps not as successful as one might think.  With each act of learning your vibration heightens until you reach a state in which you can no longer stay in the physical body.   Then, perhaps, you will move on to another realm similar to where I am.  So, as I say, if you make a choice below your vibrational state you are going backwards and you can harm your being.

There is a possibility of peace.  As to whether it will be is unknown.  It is up to the beings that be.  If you could tell each being that their choice is important. Remember that your words and vibrational output have an effect.

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