GuideYou are here aren’t you?  (gentle laughter).  Who do you think got you here?  Yes, my dear, all beings have one and some have many at a time.  It is a love that is greater than mother and father.  It is a love that is greater than….well, it is a pure form of love to be a guardian of another being.

I have forgotten how wet the human body is; there are moments like this it does remind me.  You all have guides, guardians, angels, spirits a special being that is with you, guiding you, helping you.  You could live an entire wonderful lifetime without ever tuning into them but they will greet you when you leave, when you enter the dimension of spirit and you would know them instantly for the energy is compatible with yours.

You all have different energies but your guardians, they hum along with you.  You can ask your guide to show you if you wish.  And just like you are speaking to anyone say “show me your presence, I need to know it and I wish to see it in an unexpected way.”  Not that you need to fall into a great ravine or anything, but you need to see it in a more concrete way and that is completely acceptable. It is a communication you will have only with your entities, or guides.  It is not our job to terrify you; it is our job to help you.