Horses and their emotions

Lynne asked about a pony named Spotlight. He’s been lethargic and perhaps sad.

A creature of habit (like this one) finds great reassurance in things being the same every day. But there has been some change in the everyday habits of this one; there is something missing. Also there is some wearing on the back tooth that causes discomfort. This can be changed. This being is not so unhappy that anything negative will occur.

I wonder about horses and their emotions, because they’re so often used as a commodity for people who trade them, raise them, jump them, that kind of thing. Do you have any words about that in general?

Every being should be honored and treated with the highest respect. It matters not what form. And those that do not give this honor, well, they are on their path: they are growing with what they need to understand. Know that these beautiful beings (horses) have much love. They don’t have a strong sense of the physical; they have a much stronger sense of the spirit. They know when someone is not well. It has little to do with them looking at the person; it’s more that they are sensitive to the smell and to emotions. And if a child is unhappy and is in the presence of those that are sensitive, they do what they know to do, and that is to heal. And they know it well. You can beat and whip and be very cruel to such a creature, yet it will still try to heal you, and try to understand why you do this. They will try to understand why you would hurt your being by doing this, not so much why they would hurt them.

Thank you

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  1. Cheryl July 23, 2008 at 10:36 am - Reply

    I am concerned about a loved one’s drinking. He does not become abusive in anyway when drinking but he is in his own little stupor.I know that he knows that he has a problem and that his behavour is not life enhancing.I am worried about his health, his spirit and the financial cost of his habit.I also miss the vibrant and engaged person that he is when he is not drinking. He is numbing himself to the world. I know that I cannot heal him, he must make his own choice but is there something I can do to help?

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